Resources Overview

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Housing Affordability

The need for a home is basic. Having an affordable, appropriate home can provide opportunity and justice, offering a family access to jobs, transportation, healthcare, childcare, recreation and other vital services, and paving the way for children to get a good education ... [ more ]

Food Insecurity

This section of our website has a list of local food resources. If you are in need of food assistance please contact any of the agencies listed.  If you are not food insecure, please consider donating to or volunteering. Thank you! [ more ]

Municipal and Other Resources

This section of our website has key resources to help Seymour become and stay engaged with the democratic process in our town. [ more ]

Community Wellness and Health Equity

The Valley is a healthy place to call home; residents demonstrate similar levels of self-reported health as peers statewide. But barriers to overall wellness still exist, including lack of access to reliable transportation, paid medical leave, education, healthy food options, and adequate childcare... [ more ]

Related Links

This section has additional information and resources for anyone who is either experiencing food or housing insecurity or interested in learning more about these issues in our town and region. [ more ]

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