What We Do

  • We make it possible for diverse communities to support each other’s work and collaborate to address the effects of income and wealth inequality, in a short- and long-term way.
  • We open up the world of policy and governance so residents can claim their rightful voice in public discussions and decision-making.
  • We foster efforts to make it possible for everyone to live in supportive communities where they have access to high-quality housing, food, and other essentials.

Goals and Objectives

  • Build and expand grassroots leadership, through opportunities to lead and trainings in organizing skills.
  • Make it possible for residents across communities to share their own stories and take part in setting and implementing this group’s agenda.
  • Open the lines of communication necessary for property owners and tenants to work together to keep people in their homes.
  • Connect with fellow residents, community groups, and financial and service institutions, to make it possible for more of our neighbors to become homeowners.
  • Educate ourselves and each other about relevant policy, including planning and zoning and transit-oriented development, and work with government and allies region- and statewide to make policy changes in line with our goals.

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