Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is All In a political organization? A nonprofit? What kind of organization are you?

A: All In Alliances are non-partisan. And while many nonprofits are allied with All In, All In Alliances itself is not a nonprofit. All In Alliances are just that – alliances of many local organizations, leaders and residents coming together to work on issues important to all of us.

Q: Do you have a board of directors? An executive director? Who leads All In?

A: All In Alliances are led by their members on a local level. There is no hierarchy; everyone has a voice, and everyone has the opportunity to lead. Decisions are made collectively, and members choose their own roles in carrying out the work. 

Q: Who started All In Alliances? How did they form?

A: All In Alliances began as a project of the community action agency, TEAM, Inc., which recognized that addressing the issues in our communities requires more than providing needed services – it requires grassroots momentum for change. TEAM works with local organizations, leaders, and residents to help form All In Alliances but does not run them. The Alliances are run by their members.

Q: What kind of issues does All In work on? Who sets the agenda?

A: All In Alliances work on many issues of importance to their local communities. While no two All In Alliances have the same agenda, many include affordable housing, food security and social equity issues in their work. Issues to work on are determined by the members of each All In Alliance.

Q: Who can I talk to if I want more information?

A: The first step is to contact us at We will direct you to the best person to address your questions.

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