All In Movement Captures Attention of Senator Murphy

August 1, 2023 - Over 20 leaders from different All In alliances around New Haven County met last Tuesday with Jameson Foulke, of Senator Chris Murphy’s office for an introductory meeting to share each other’s interests and plans and identify opportunities to collaborate.

As a growing movement throughout the region, these All In alliances welcome and encourage all local, state, and federal policy makers regardless of political affiliation to contact them for these types of sharing and planning to identify opportunities in strengthening our communities and building relationships together.

This meeting, organized by TEAM, Inc. at the request of Senator Murphy’s office, is the first of its kind involving regional alliance members with state-level policy makers. It highlights the growing presence of residents who are focused on building strength in local communities through housing, food, and education in relationship with our broader Connecticut elected representatives.

One All In member shared that they ask volunteers to regularly attend local Planning and Zoning and Board of Aldermen meetings to speak about relevant topics, learn about pending policy changes and forge new relationships with government leadership. It has the added benefit of growing relationships with other All In members and getting people involved that may have limited opportunities to interact with others in the community.

The meeting also produced an instant win for collaboration. Participants shared feedback that government programs are announced through channels that don’t always reach All In alliance members, sometimes resulting in  missed opportunities, such as the USDA Senior Food Box program or the summer meal program. Jameson offered to add the All In leaders to these distribution channels going forward to improve transparency and broaden the reach.

Overall, it was exciting to share with each other and understand the real potential that exists in building this relationship - being a voice on issues that matter and recognizing that we're in this together, and that the power of these relationships will make a difference.

Here’s to the first of many milestones as we continue to work together to ensure we all have a voice and that we all have what we need to thrive!

To learn more about Senator Murphy’s policy agenda, see the website here:

To learn more about TEAM, Inc, see the website here:

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